Messerschmitt KR

Bringing Home my Messerschmitt KR200 cabrio.


3 Body panels assembled.
To check fit before restoration begins

4 Flat floor has been removed.
to allow my new floor and sides to be fitted.

5 Tubular frame with fire wall still attached

6 New floor and sides ready for fitting.

7 Sides and floor fitted sealed and primed.

8 Nose fitted with front repair floor and inner wings.



11 Nose test fitted on tub.

12 Engine cover repaired.

13 Engine cover test fitted to tub.


15 Front mudguards before restoration.

16 Test fitted to nose on tub.


18 Fit new ss hinge on lifting section.

19 Repair stiffner and lock edges.

20 Front edge replaced on lifting section.

21 Lock edge replaced on lifting section.

22 Final trial of body parts before leading filling and painting.

23 Body Panels in paint [Snowberry White]


25 Controls restored and painted.

26 Controls fitted to tub.

27 Front Hubs , suspension fitted to tub.


29 Steering and covers added to tub.

30 Control box stripped and rebuilt.

31 Rear frame fitted to tub.

32 Control box fitted to tub.

33 Rear suspension and transmission fitted to tub.

34 Gear lever and front wheels fitted.

35 Engine rebuild new clutch.

36 Engine rebuild ,barrel honed new rings.

37 Exhaust repaired new heat exchanger made and fitted.

38 Engine rebuilt and fitted to tub

39 Wiring nose ready for fitting to tub.

40 Nose fitted to tub.

41 Wiring tub.


43 Window frames fitting.

44 Hood and rubber seals fitted.

45 Engine cover fitted.

46 Trim and seats fitted.

47 Nearly finished.

48 The Finished 1959 Kr 200 Cabrio.

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